Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm officially registered for the most insane thing I've ever considered.

What's a girl to do when she just signed up for a crazy ride and can't get to sleep because she can't stop thinking about it? Start a blog! I apologize in advance, I'm not great with computer things, and it's been a long time since I've taken college English.

I have been thinking about the Climate Ride since I first read about it over a year ago. I had just started riding my bike and decided I would do it in 2 years. That was fall of 2010 and I my longest ride was 25 miles and I had pedaled a total of about 150 miles in 3 months. It's now winter of 2011 and my longest ride was 65 miles and I have pedaled over 1700 miles, but I've still never ridden more than 150 miles in a single month.

Now I've committed to riding 320 miles from Eureka to San Francisco over 5 days with over 100 other cyclists. The funny part is the miles are not my biggest concern. I'm more worried about not panicking while riding across the Golden Gate Bridge. I'm a bit acrophobic and crossing a bridge in a car takes a lot of deep breaths and self talk. Then there is camping, anyone who knows me, knows camping isn't my thing. My Dad was a Boy Scout leader and I feel I've already done my fair share.

My husband is convinced I won't be able to meet my fundraising goal. When it comes to something I believe in, I have no shame. I did a lot of charity fundraising when I was a teen and I'm pretty good at asking people for money. I must admit, $2400 in this economy may be a challenge, but I'm determined.

I'm looking forward to all that I will need to do to prepare for this ride and even if I'm the only one who reads the words I'll be writing, it's a great way to get things off my mind so maybe I can sleep a little between now and Sept. 9th 2012.

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